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Learn to Count 1 to 10

Many parents face difficulty because their kids can not count 1 to 10 numbers. For this, we are presented for your help. We have researched, if we start to teach the kids with fun way. They will be attracted and they will surely learn the counting from 1 to 10.

1st Way : Try to Tell the Number of Body Parts :

Our head is one. Our eyes are two. Our hands are two. Our legs are two. One head and two eyes will be three. If we include two more legs in it, it will become five. Like this, you can add one more body part for reaching up to 10.

2nd Way : When One Teacher will Teach to Other

One teacher should become kid (Just for role play) Second teacher should teach him the counting from 1 to 10. By repeating, your kid will also speak the number 1 to 10.

Above Video is Demo. For Getting 1st Class Maths Online Coaching click here.

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