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How to Make Whiteboard

Today, we will make 5X 4 foot whiteboard. Before making whiteboard, we will tell you little about whiteboard. Whiteboard is used for non-permanent marking. It is effective tool of teaching. You can explain your subject with interesting way. Your students will also understand your topic. So, instead of  buying whiteboard, produce it in your home with the help of your students.

1. Buy raw material

For making whiteboard, you need 5X4 square foot hardboard. You need 5 X 4 square foot sunmica. You need small nails, you need two 12 foot long aluminium chain. You need 1/2 liter fevicol. You need some small nails. All these things, you can buy from market.

2. Usable Tools

You need blade for cutting aluminium chain. You need one hummer. You need one small sunmica plate for spreading fevicol on the hardboard.

3. Take fevicol and spread smoothly on the hardboard

4. Paste the sunmica on the hardboard.

5. Press the sunmica 1/2 hr after pasting.

6. Make the frame of aluminium for decorating your whiteboard.

1. Before buying sunmica, please write it with your whiteboard marker. If its written content does not erase, never buy this type of sunmica. It is waste of your money. So, be careful.

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Vinod Kumar ( Educator )

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1 comment to ''How to Make Whiteboard"

  1. This is a very simple, easy tutorial for a white board. Good job thinking about writing DIY (Do It Yourself) projects like this one. However, in the long term, will sunmica be as non-staining as a "real" whiteboard? White board surfaces appear to have more gloss than sunmica. Are you sure sunmica will work?

    I am aware that there are adhesive sheets (thin ones that can be rolled like chart paper with adhesive backing) with the glossy surface of a white board. Do you know if these are available in chennai?


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