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My Website is not opening Why

Four persons are responsible if site is not opening.

1st : You

Website is your. You are the owner of the website. If your website is not opening, you are responsible. Now, listen how?

You did not update your wordpress theme and plugin. You did not strong your website with strong password. You did not contact to ISP and HSP when you have any doubt that your site is not opening.

2nd  Internet Service Provider

Internet service provider is not giving you good service. Your speed is less than what is require. Contact the ISP. If it do not solve, there are many substitute in the market. Go to next ISP. But do not take the decision in hurry. Give the opportunity to your current ISP to solve your problem. It may the problem from your hosting service provider. So, before taking decision, see every aspect.

3nd Your Hosting and Domain Service Provider

This HSP is also responsible for this cause. Just call your hosting service provider and ask the problem. If they do not solve try to find next hosting service provider. There are big competition in the market. Go to next. Suppose, your hosting service provider is ABC. He did not solve your problem. Leave him and go to XYZ hosting service provider any time.  But this decision, you have to take after thinking every aspect. Give the time to your HSP. There may lots of customers of your HSP. Be patient.

4rd Hacker

Hacker is 420. We have to save from hacker. For this, read all updates relating to online security.

Tip :

1. Open google, write "my website is not opening, why" and search and  Study more and more.

2.  These days, wireless internet service through prepaid plan. Go to friend's home and try to open your website.

3. Format your window.

4. Scan you computer.


  1. my website is not open why all website are open in my system, one hr ago open my website after that i uploaded through filezilla and ftp
    the not open my website

  2. In my system, you website is open without any problem.


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