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Solved Past Papers of B.Com Part 1

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1. Financial Accounting 

1st Chapter : Introduction 

1997, 1998, 2002 : What is double Entry System of Book-Keeping?

1998 : Explain the mechanism of Accounting.

2000 : Merits of Double Entry System of Book-Keeping.

2003 :  What are the Principles of Double entry system? Discuss its advantages.

2004 : What are the different branches of accounting?

2006 : What is Accounting? Discuss its importance.

2nd Chapter : Accounting Concepts and Equations 

1996 : Explain the Convention of Consistency.

1997, 1999 : What is the need of accounting principles? Discuss with suitable examples the following concepts and conventions:

a) Matching concept b) Convention by Disclosure c) Going Concern Concept d) Realization concept

1998 : Explain the financial implications of convention of disclosure and convention of consistency while preparing financial statements.

2001, 2002 : What do you mean accounting concepts? Explain the accounting concepts in brief?

2003 : Explain the concept of conservation.

2004 : Explain the important accounting conventions

2005 : Write short note on business entity.

2006 : Write short note on money measurement concept.

3rd Chapter : Journal 

1998, 2003 : Write short note on personal account.

2000  : Pass journal entries from the following:

jan. 5 : Received cash sales Rs. 1500 from Swaminathan on a/c Rs. 2000 and for commission Rs. 300.

Jan. 8. Paid for wages Rs. 300, salary Rs. 800 and for insurance premium Rs. 250

2004 : Write Short note on normal accounts.

2006 : Write short note on journal.





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