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What to Do When Website is not Opening

If your website is not opening in the browser of google chrome or Firefox, there may be so many reasons behind this. But following steps will be helpful as first aid.

1. Check Your Internet Connect

Sometime, your internet connect may be slow. At that time, your website will not open because very small internet connect will be unable to open any website. Even google will also not open with very very slow connect of internet. If this is the problem contact your internet service provider.

2. Clear Your Temp. Files

Now just go to start and then run and write %tem% and ok. After this, you have to select all files in next folder and delete them. These are the temp. files. So, delete is better for opening your website.

3. Clear Cache and Browser History and cookies

Just Go to the tool in the browser and clear all your cache, browser history and cookies.

4.  Flush the DNS and Cache 

For flushing the dns and cache, just go to run and write cmd and click ok, after ok a black file will open. It is command prompt. Now, write ipconfig/flushdns and then press enter. Your black screen will show successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. After this, your website will open because with this, we have solved problem at your end of your browser.

5. Temporarily Disable Your Computer’s Firewall and Close Your Anti-Virus Software 

Sometime, your firewall and your antivirus  is stopping your site to open, so, disable your computer's firewall and close your antivirus.

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