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Confusion in journal Entries

I am confusing in passing the entries pls advise me in simple manner.

Gururaja  from India

Dear Rajas Guru, I am writing 2 tips, I hope, you will get idea for passing journal entries.

1st Tip : You should understand that journal entry is just one file which you have to keep in two place. Suppose, you have one photo. If it will delete in one side, we can get it from other side. Like this, if you did any wrong entry. There is not problem. Because expert can find it but if you did not pass it will be crime.

2nd Tip : You should understand that journal entry is the base of your learning of accounting. Every transaction is take and give deal. You think first what do you give and then think what do you take? Note it in notebook. Then think what goes from your business and what comes in your business. Last, you should think, is it expense or income. For example, we sell goods of Rs. 10000.  We are the giver of Rs. 10000's goods. We are taker of Rs. 10000. Goods went from our business. Cash comes in our business.  This is our income from sale. Now construct its journal entry.  Now, there will be the competition between the first rule and second rule and third rule. When cash comes in the business, It is clear, we are the receiver. So, cash account will be debit. This cash is giver by other party but we are not interested who has given but we are more interested what went from our business, so, we will credit our goods. Its our name is sale account.  Following entry will be passed :

Cash Account Dr. 10000

Sale Account Cr. 10000


  1. Sir, I have this problem in passing a entry.
    The Bank wrongly credited a certain amount in our a/c. Later when the Bank realized the mistake it reversed the amount credited in our a/c. The passbook shows both the entries. Now how should I pass the journal entry?
    Look forward to a solution for this. Thanks

    1. 1. If you did not pass the journal entry when bank wrongly credited, you need not pass the journal entry because there is no transaction. Bank has done the mistake and bank has solved the problem. You need not worry.

      2. If you have debited your bank account with same money by showing any wrong earning. Reverse your journal entry also.

      ( Wrong ) income account DR.

      Bank account CR.

      Thanks for asking question.


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