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Hcl Tablet Pro Tips

I hope after learning internet connection on hcl tablet,you want to operate it just like your desktop pc. In this I can help you. For this please read my hcl pro tips.

1. If you want to key board. Just go to notepad and click on the page. Ylou will see screen keyboard. Use it. ?f  you want to writ no. fastly, you should press first row's any letter. With this you will write  the the number. Same way you can also press the box of google, you will see the keyboard.

2. If you want to copy any content from any webpage just pres that word for 3or  4 second. You will see the menu in above scren in which you will see opy , select all. You can use any option for your objective. If you want to paste it anywhere , you just press that place you will se paste icon just above your presspoint . Now,press paste button .

3.You can select any page as your homepage in the tablet by clicking rihgt side above button. Now,scroll it, you will  see the setting. In the setting, you can setany website as you home page.

4. If you want to write the pound icon, just cclick ?123 button in the screen keyboard, then click =\< buttton on the keyboard. you can use the icon of pound.

5. You can see many sites same time by clicking + button on the tablet browser.




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