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How Tablet HCL ME U1 Works

Tablet is the wonderful tool which works as computer. It can also  carry anywhere in the world because its weight is very low. It looks a small plate but with this you can do any thing what do you think to do with a computer or laptop. Before operating it,  you have to get its training. Without training you
can not do any thing with your tablet. So, for your help we are teaching you the steps of working of tablet.
1. Learn on and off
I am usin!g hcl me u1 tablet. For opening it you will see a small button in this tablet. By pressing it you can on the tablet. If you want to off the tablet, you have to press same button. With this, you can see an option of switch off, in this you will see ok, press it. You tablet will switch off.

2. Operate the keyboard in the tablet

In tablet, you can find notebook or thikfree software. With this you can write anything. When you go there and press your hand , you will see the on screen  keyboard . With keyboard, you can write anything. If you want to increase your speed on keyboard, you have to save the written words. See just above the on screen keyboard, you will see save a black line whose width is about 1/2 inch. When you write the word, you will see that this will show in the black
line with blue color. Press it with finger, your will see that it will ask for touch to save. Now touch it to save. Next time, when you write the same word, it will give you the suggestion, same suggestion, you can use for writing the word. For example, you have to write, keyboard, for this, you just write key and screen will show keyboard, you have to press and your word key becomes keyboard. Like this, you can write any word fastly.

3. Using Keyboard and mouse

If you want to type with 60 word per minute, you have to buy laptop keyboard and have to attach with this. If you want to operate both keyboard and mouse, you have to buy the multi-usb hub whose cost will be Rs. 100 to 300. With this, you can do your work on the tablet fastly.

4. Operate fastly

In the right side, above you will see the button, by touching it you will see the apps. Just touch the app and pick it and keep it on the home page of tablet. Now, you can fastly open anything.

5. Bookmark apps

This is very good app. When you see the url screen, you will also see the star icon in the write side of this screen. just touch it , you will next pop up, which is the option of saving it. Just save it and it will go your bookmark. Now, without wasting time in searching, you can open any website.

6. Cut, Copy and Paste

It is also easy just touch the screen for few second , you will see above a blue line, for cut, copy and paste. You can choose and any option for doing work . If you want to paste, you have to touch a place where you have to paste.

7. Transfer the Data of Tablet into the Computer

We all know that tablet can not do all the work of computer. So, we have to transfer data from tablet to computer. For example, this content was written on the my HCL tablet and know I have transferred it to my computer and then I published in svtuition website. Now understand how can you transfer data from tablet to the computer. For transferring data, you need a USB write which you can get with your bought tablet. Attach it with tablet and computer USB. Now you see the right side below a small icon in your computer. It will ask to install the USB data in computer. You will click it and then it will show the pop up. Follow the procedure of its pop up. After this, see the small icon in your tablet's plate in the below right side. Touch it and you will see usb storage in USB, touch the turn on USB storage. Now, go to my computer and you will see your USB drive in which you can transfer any data of your tablet like transferring the data of any pan drive.

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  1. In my hcl ME tablet U1.......the videos and audios doesn't support plz someone help me to solve this problem out...the message say that," sorry this video cannot be played....and some of my game also not working........:(


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