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Details about Accounting Program

Dear sir,
i m working as an accountant in an export company in noida. but i have basic knowledge about accounts. i want to do a professional couse for deep knowledge of accounting and for better future in terms of knowledge and money both.
i have gone through many courses but no body is serious about it, every one is after money.
kindly suggest me a place where i learn a good accounting for my knowledge as well also placement as concern.
please help me out.

thanks & regards
Anubhav Gupta from India (Meet him at Facebook)

Anubhav Gupta! You know the truth of educational sector. It is true that everyone is going behind the money because

1. They understand the aim of life is to earn money.

2. They think, to earn the money with cheating is easy than another way of earning money.

But you know all fingers are not equal. There are lots of good teacher in the world who are educating in real sense. You have to search all these good teachers in your field of accounting. They will not come to teach only to you. But they are interested to teach universe free of cost. Follow all these accounting teachers. Today, there are lots of way to follow such teachers like twitter, facebook, Linkedin and other social media. They have power to make you professional accountant without taking any money from you. So, just sit on the chair and start to study accounting online.

In last but important thing, I want to ask from you.

1. Can you give time for learning accounting?

2. Can you sacrifice money if you have to choose one thing from money and knowledge?

3. Did you provide free knowledge to other in your life.

Forget what other are doing? We can improve us not other. System is from us not other. So, we have to start to provide free and quality education to other. In end, I have talked you on your mobile no. I hope, you will get motivation to do best in the field of accounting.
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