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How to Make Computer Table

Today is the time of internet. You know that we use internet through computer. Except internet, there are lots of work which can be done by computer. That is the reason, you sit many hours just front of the computer. For your good office productivity, you need good computer table. There are lots of computer table but it may not be suitable as per your requirement. So, it is the best option for you to make your own computer table at your own home. Here, we are providing you step by step teaching of making computer table. We have Tara Chand who have more than 10 years experience in the field of carpentry. He is one of famous carpenter in India who won many awards for his quality carpentry works.

Following are steps of making computer table at home :

1st Step : To Make the Design of Computer Table

Make the design of computer table. In this design, you have to fix the size of legs of table. Fix its length size and breadth size. Fix the size of top shelf and bottom shelf.

2nd Step : To Cut the Plywood

After this, you can buy the full sheet of 8 foot X 4 foot plywood from market. Its cost will be Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 on the basis of quality of plywood. Cut it according to your size.

3th Step : To Join the Parts of Computer Table

Now, join the two legs of computer table with the top shelf. Use 1 inch nails for joining table. Now, join bottom shelf with two legs. Now, add the small box for containing the computer documents.

Following video tutorial will teach you its practical in the workshop.

How to Make Computer Table by svtuition

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