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Learn to Drive a Car

Today was my first day for learning a car. In my life, I did not learn a car. So, today, I was very excited. Morning time, I went to my driving teacher. With him, I went to free ground. He taught me all the education which is needed for driving car. Within one hour, I learned to drive car. So, at  this time, I am ready to teach to you to drive a car. Following steps will teach you how to drive a car like an expert.

1st Step : Learn the Clutch, Gear, Break and Speed

Whole learning of car is dependent on the clutch, gear, break and speed knowledge. If you know how to handle clutch, gear and speed, it means 90%, you have learned the car. Clutch is near the foot left side ( Rules will apply only in India).   Speed will be near foot right side. Break will be between clutch and speed. Gear will be near you left side where you are sitting. We will change the gear will our left hand.

2nd Step : Start the Car

Bring the key of car and insert it in the lock near your car handle. Turn it and you will see your car will be started automatically. Same time, keep your leg on the clutch. This is the starting point of car.

3rd Step : Use of Gear 

There will be the 4 gear in the car. Use first gear for driving car slowly. Just press the gear your left side and then press forward. Same time, you foot will be on the clutch. Remember,  in bike clutch will be in left hand and gear in the foot but in the car, clutch will be near the foot and gear near your hand. You will also see the direction of gear on the gear.

4th Step : Use of Speed

After pressing first gear, you have to remove your foot from clutch slowly and pressing slowing the speed sometime. After driving sometime, you have to go to second gear. For pressing second gear, you have to press the clutch. If you see anything, you have to use break. If you have to turn left side, turn left side the handle of car. If you turn right side, you have to turn the handle of car to right side. If you go to back side, use reverse gear for this.

Closed Caption of Video 

Hallo dear friends,

Today, I will teach you to drive maruti Car. To drive a maruti car is not difficult. Dear cameraman, come here. I will teach you first inside control system of car. In right side, first tool is race. Left side is clutch tool. Left hand side is also gear which you will use with hands. For first gear, you have to carry left side and then you have to carry above side. But remember, for this, you have to press the clutch tool with your left foot first and then you have to use first gear. For second gear, you have to press again the clutch and Now, just carry totally bottom for second gear. Third gear will be neutal and then right side and then above side. When you will start your car, you foot must be on the clutch. You have to start with first gear. Now, slowly, you have to remove your foot from the clutch. You will see the car will go forward. Now, you start to press the speed with right foot. Middle tool is of break. Now practically, I am driving the car. Just see. Dear cameraman, please sit inside the car for live tellicaste it. Now, I am starting car by on through key of car by turning it right side. Now, our car is ready for drive. Just pressing the first gear after pressing the left foot on clutch. Now, remove the foot slowly from clutch and press the speed slowly through right foot.Now, we are driving car on the first gear. If you want to turn, you have decrease the speed by press the break. If you are in 3 or 4th gear, you must decrease the gear during turn, otherwise, your car will stop.

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