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Where to Write the Description of Forum Site phpBB

phpBB is most popular free resource forum software which can be used for managing your own forum. You will get the freedom to host it and administrate  it.  I am new in the  learning of creation and management of online forum.

Now, I am learning its advance topics. I added its sitemap in my Google webmaster tool. After this, I have check whether my site is showing in Google or not. Yes, it was showing but description of  forum is not showing.

See following  image without description

Steps for writing Description of your forum website which is through phpBB.

1. Login Your Forum with Your Administrator username and password.

2. Click Style

3.  Left side, you will see template. Click it and then click the edit of your installed template.

3.  Choose, overall_header.html file

{In this file, you see description meta. Write your description in this}

In my case, I wrote

" A brilliant way to find, share knowledge & information on any educational topic. Ask & Answer the questions on any educational topic from real people with Svtuition!"

and then submit.  After this, your submitted description will show in google result.

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