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Career as Computer Operator

Today, my one student came in my home for meeting with me. He is now a computer operator in reputed organisation from more than one year.   So, I have taken interview. In this video, he will tell you some important tips for the better job of computer operator. (Now, he is also part-time teacher in Svtuition.)

1. What did you learn as computer operator?

Ans. To do the daily entries in computer, hand and record the cash payments and other computer documentation.

2. What are difficulties in the operation of computer?

Ans. We have to make format for recording different computer data. This is very challenging because we have to see the legal rules of making format. We have to keep our hand fast on the computer through learning new and new short cut commands on the computer.

3. Do you use any advance computer software in your organisation?

Ans. No, we all work on ms office's different tool like ms word, ms excel and ms access. To learn ms excel is must if you want to make your career as computer operator. You can read ms excel through reading its books and also through reading the sites which are providing the tutorials of excel.

4. Do you feel any negative feeling during long computer work?

Ans. No, we interact also our customers. So, we do not feel any negative feeling during long work on computer.

5. What message do you want to give new computer operators?

Ans. They should learn everything relating to computer from basic to advance.

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