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How to Make a Wooden Bunk Bed

For sleeping, you need a wooden bunk bed. It will also helpful to stable your body structure. To make wooden bunk bed in home is fun. It will save your money and your carpentry skill will develop. So, today, I and my expert carpenter will teach you the steps of making a wooden bunk bed.

1st step : Make the Frame of Bunk 

You need 3 wooden piece of 6 foot length. Measure wood and cut upto same size. You need 2 wooden piece of 3 foot. Join 6 foot wooden piece with 3 foot wooden piece according to the above video.

2nd Step : Attach the Legs of Bed 

When you are making the frame of a wooden bunk bed, it is your duty to attach the legs of this bed. Size of the legs will fully depend on your choice. It may be 2 foot to 4 foot. but small size is better for easily sleeping on it without any fear.

3rd Step : Make the Upper Part of Bunk 

Take 3 foot small pieces of wood and attach on the frame with nails.

Now, you bunk is ready for sleeping

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