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How to Stop Youth Suicidal Behavior

To suicide due to any case is the sign of narrow thinking. For stopping youth suicidal behaviour, we have to study the reasons behind of this. Following are its main reason.

1. Getting no job after higher education.
2. To marry without employment.
3. To take loan and unable to repay it on its maturity.
4. Unable to any work.
5. Pledge the property for getting loan and unable to get auctioned property by bank
6. Suicide due to not marry with lover
7. Gambling
8. Drinks

Now, we are writing tips for stopping this.

1. There is big need of such organisations which promote pessimist youths.

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2. We have to teach youth to earn money through self-employment.

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3. We should train the youth to live the life with Elevated courage. Everybody faces the problems. But it is not good to run away from problems. We have to face the problems like a challenge. Suicide is not solution for this.

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4. We can take the example of a small ant. She carries the food which is 10 times more from his weight on the wall. If we compare ourselves with an ant, ant will win the match of courage. We get lesson from ant. She does not think of suicide even she fell down for hundred times. With more power, she tries and gets success to reach on the top of wall.

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5. God has given you two hands, two eyes, two legs, one brain and lots of other powerful tools. So, never be negative. With the help of these organs, do hard work and leave the narrow thinking of suicide.

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6. You can get all your lost property and money with your hands. So, never be disappointed.

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7. You can easily make to understand to all those who are demanding their loan money. You can get time to repay. You can repay slowly. I think, they will ready to get this way.

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8. If you are unemployed, please meet the founder of svtuition. He needs unlimited numbers of honest workers. So, leave the bad thinking of suicide.

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