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How to Teach Fifth Grade Science

Dear teachers,

If you want to teach science to 5th class, you have to start from simple to difficult. We have to teach the fifth class science after checking their mental level. First of all, we have to teach small lesson of science and then we have to ask question for checking whether they have learned or not.

Because students of 5th grade are very small and they will not understand the deepness of science, so it is the duty of teacher to teach the science by taking example from actual and natural environment. For example, if we have to teach evaporation, we take the cloth and wash it with water and then keep it in the front sky and after sometime, we see that these clothes have dried. From this example, our children will learn , if we give heat to water it changes its form from liquid to vapor.

We have to  teach small experiment.  For example, we have to teach that lens has power to centralized the sun's rays. For this, teacher should buy lens from market and then buy a paper. Now, teacher has to wait a day when sun will be hot. Now, take the lens and paper near the sun. Put the lens on the paper. Make some setting and you will see, fire will catch the paper. With experiment, your children will learn what they saw.  This is also very interesting.

Teacher should get all the updates of science through TV, Newspaper and internet. He should this updated knowledge to their children.

5th grade science teacher should tell the story of great scientists of world. He should also the history of past inventions.

Teacher should go to basics of science. He has to teach that all inventions has done through use of water, soil, air, fire and sky. Teacher should explain that it is main duty of scientists that they have to save the nature from pollution. They have to give contribution in welfare of mankind. So, dear children, you have to learn science deeply because with this, you will become great scientist and world will remember you.

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