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How to Take Printout in MS Word

MS Word is a widely used text document application. This application is used to create document files. But these files are only soft copy. If someone want hard copy. Then he has to take its printout on a paper. To take printout there are certain steps which needs to be followed one by one. These steps are as follows:
Step 1: You Must Have a Printer

To take print out printer is the prime requirement. Without this, you can’t take print. So, buy a printer. Printer must be connected with CPU properly. Paper should also be required loaded in printer.

Step 2: Open the File

Open MS-Word file which you wants to print. File can be opened from File Menu in MS-Word by selecting ‘open’ option or by using Ctrl + O shortcut command.

Step 3: Print One or All Pages

After opening the file. You have to decide whether you want to print entire file or only one page in the file. If you want to print entire file, then click anywhere in the file. But if you want to print only one page then click on that particular page.[next]

Step 4: Use the Print Command

Now click print command in File Menu or Ctrl + P shortcut key combination. You will see a dialogue box called Print dialogue box.

Step 5: Select the Page

In this dialogue box all pages will be selected by default. If you want to take print entire file then leave it as it is. But if you want to take print of only one particular page, then select current page.

Step 6: Select the No. of Copies

Now select how many copies you want to print. If you want to print only one copy then enter one or if you want to print more than one copy then enter counting number what you want to print.

Step 7: Ok the Print Command

Now click ok button or press enter key on keyboard. Printer will start printing your document file or page.


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