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Tuition on Facebook

Recently, I met a student on facebook. Through chat and message, he asked question from me. I gave tuition to him through facebook. So, read what I taught.

Sir 18000 ko 1:2 sales ratio krnge to pre incorporation nd post 6000 nd 12000 kse a rha hai

Vinod Kumar

Ok, study the accounting examples, refer more than one accounting book. This question is from corporate accounting


Paper name is accountancy paper 2 nd nothing written

Sir uska solution to btaiye

Vinod Kumar

18000 X 1/3 = 6000

18000 X 2/3 = 12000


Bt the ratio is 1/2

Vinod Kumar

no ratio is 1:2

means 1/3 : 2/3

1 : 2 means 1 is out 1+2 not out of 2


Nt undrstNd

Actually 50000:100000 or 1:2 i m calculating this

Vinod Kumar

for example you have 18 apples. You and you have one brother. You and your brother divide in the ratio of 1:2. It means you will get 18 X 1/3 and your brother will get 18 X 2/3

if 1: 1 it means 50% : 50% why

means if ratio is 1: 1, then 9 apple you will eat and 9 apple your brother will eat

So, 1:1 is also 1/2 and 1/2 proportion

I think you will understand what i am saying

Above demo is given which will show how can you teach through facebook chat.

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