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Which is Better Phd in Commerce or Phd in Management

Good evening  Sir,
Hope  you  will be  fine,
Sir I wanna do Phd  which line will be best for my future ie (management or commerce).

Thank you and
Waiting 4 ur valuable reply...

Rais Jafar  from India

It is on you and your interest. Both field are good and related each other. It is also dependent on the post graduate degree. If you have done both M.Com and MBA, then you should any one on basis of your interest for solving the problem. For example, my interest was to research on the practical problems which are given my online students. So, I did not get any Phd, I just offer to my online students that I am available for providing free solution to you. I am not Phd Scholar but a master of Commerce. If you are interested for getting answer from my research, then thank you and wait. You have written your problem on Sat,17 Dec 2011 18:32:09 and today, I am providing you the solution. So, every research need time. If your interest will be in any problem of commerce, you will not care the time. So, write your interest first on the blank page. Then, research the main problems in any one of two huge areas of education.

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