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How to Connect WIFI in Windows XP on Laptop

To connect wifi in windows  xp on laptop is very useful when you have to operate internet from different place in same office. After activating wifi on your laptop, you need not to attach wire. So, it will be useful to save wire cost and you can easily change your place. For example, you can go top of the place for working in the front of sun in winter. Radio waves can easily goes from 20 to 50 foot.

Why am I writing this Tutorial?

Reason is very clear. I have laptop and I am expert in windows  XP and I am using window XP more than 10 years. So, my hand is very perfect on window xp. I also do not want to sit on one place in my office. One of most important reason behind that I have spent my two days for learning this. After I succeeded to connect WIFI in window xp on laptop, I just want to share my success. It is very easy and after reading its step, you can also easily connect your WIFI in window xp on your laptop.

Steps to Connect WIFI in Windows XP on Laptop

1st Step : Buy WIFI Router from Market

Just go to market and buy wifi router. Its cost will be Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 in India market or contact to your internet service provider.

2nd Step : Install WIFI Drivers

Now, take your motherboard drivers and install wifi drivers in your laptop. But recently, you will not find the wifi drivers for windows  xp because most of laptop are working on windows  7 and windows  8. So, it is very less chance of finding wifi drivers in your windows  xp. This driver name will be WLAN for windows xp.

3rd Step : Search WIFI Drivers if There are not Drivers in Your Mother Board CD

If you did not find WLAN driver for window xp, Just open your internet and search wifi drivers window xp by writing your laptop’s model. In my case, I have bought new laptop of HCL Me XETI 1055. Your laptop’s model may be different. Now, download all the drivers which are best to your laptop model. Now try them on your laptop. If you will succeed, your desktop will show wireless network connection button, just below right side. You can also take help from customer care of the company from where you have bought laptop.

4th Step : Connect WIFI Router with Internet

Now, after installing wifi driver, connect wifi router with internet.

5th Step : Connect Wireless Network by Writing Password

For stopping misuse of wifi, your internet service provider can give you the password. Use this for connecting wireless network on your laptop.

6th Step : Enjoy the Internet in Window XP on Laptop with WIFI

So, go to the anywhere within the range of 20 to 50 foot and enjoy wifi internet.

Watch Following Video Tutorial for Learning it More Deeply.

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