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How to Promote Youth Sports

Sports are very useful for developing youth's life. If all youth will play the games and will take part in the sports, sale of drugs will become zero within one day.  With taking part in sports, youth can become strong and can fight social evils. Following are the tips which will promote youth to take part in sports.

1.  We should tell the advantages of sports to youth. By playing sports, youth can get refreshment. They can get their status from playing of games. Buy will become also strong. Youth will become healthy from sports.

2. Youth can get employment from sports.

3. It is saying, both sport and young age will go together. In old age, we will just wait for death. There is big relationship between young age and sports. Even old person can become young if he plays any game daily.

4. Sports are the source for removing all evils . If we help youth to take part in games, youth can save from all evils. No evil will near to him, he plays the sports.

5.  Today, we are sad to say that sportsmen and sportswomen have become corrupt.  But it is not default of sport. Such corrupt players should be hang. So, other honest will promote in the sports.

6. We should tell the rules and regulations of sports. It will help to youth for not to do the mistakes in the sports.

7.  We should give the reward to all youth who take part in the sport.

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