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Open Appeal Against YouTube Community Strike - Part 2

Recently, one of my youtube channel network, I got community strike regarding shocking content. So, I have written big appeal letter but I got only very small space for appealing. So, At svtuition, I am writing an open appeal against youtube community strike.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Good morning,

This morning, I saw this community guidelines warning. So, I am appealing against this. I want to tell you the primary purpose of this educational channel is spread the knowledge of medical and surgery. More than 100 youtube channel of doctors has contributed then this channel came into existences. As a founder of channel, I am also contributing on the basis of my knowledge. You know medical and surgery line is the line where we have to show that body part which is against to show public. But tell us, how can we teach other without  such showing part of body. How can new learner understand without observing all these practical.

I come to the video which you have removed on the basis of  violation of YouTube's policy on shocking content. I am totally against this. Watch again this video as the learner of medical area. This video is in simple English.

1. Doctor is clearly teaching about the process of postmortem. Yes, it is show some shocking video part but making video purpose of doctor is teaching of medical and surgery area. Its purpose is not to promote evils. If some people do not like and flag it means, we have stop to give knowledge to our children who is finding the real reason of accident or killing of anybody.

2. In the video, you see clear background teacher's voice  what is teaching in the medical and surgery class. So, this is the part virtual classroom which we can easily differentiate with nudity or shocking content. As per wikipedia, A shock site is a website that is intended to be offensive, disgusting, or disturbing to its viewers. But aim of this 3.22 minute video is to help the new learner this part of medical and surgery.

Every field, meaning of concept will change. In medical and surgery education channel, we will teach causes symptoms and treatment of shock instead increasing shock.

From above reasons, I request, please accept my appeal and reinstate the video. In future, I try to best to more clear detail of purpose of video in description space of video.

Thanks and Regards

Vinod Kumar

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