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Appeal against YouTube Account Termination

Recently, one of my youtube channel has terminated. I sent email to its support center and waiting their response.

Please re-review  my youtube channel  because it did not violate any community policy.

Hallo YouTube,

My whole YouTube account whose name medical and surgery education ( https://www.youtube.com/user/SurgeryInspiration ) has  terminated due to a video title ("Worlds Largest Pimple Popped") that was flagged sexually provocative content. and I reviewed the community guidelines and I don't see how my video violates them any way. I could not agree with the reason for this penalty  because allegedly flagged for Nudity and sexual content  which violates YouTube's community guidelines. These are the following reasons I don't agree.

1. Doctor is clearly teaching about the process of popping the Largest pimple through practical actions in same video. Yes, it is show some body part but making video purpose of doctor is teaching of medical and surgery area. Its purpose is not to promote evils. If some people do not like and flag it means, we have stop to give knowledge to our children who save the community from pain from these types of infection.

2. In the video description, you see clear text description what is teaching in the medical and surgery class. We have also give the reference for more detail study in this area. So, this is the part virtual classroom which we can easily differentiate with nudity or sexual content. As per wikipedia, both nudity and sexual contents are the area where aim is to show for promotion pornography and try to increase the sale of product of sex. But aim of this  video is to help final user who may be learner of medical and surgery.

3. The primary purpose of this channel is educational. This video is also helping community to transparency in the medical and surgery area.

Please consider reviewing my video and reinstate my  this channel account. I have more than 14000 subscribers in this channel and they are my work and seat and I really do hope to get my this channel account back to do what I love to do on YouTube.

Thank you very much for your attention

Best Regards

Vinod Kumar

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