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How to Cook Turiya Ki Sabzi

To cook turiya ki sabzi is not difficult because we have experienced cook who can teach its simple steps in Hindi by doing all work practical. Hope, you will subscribe this channel for more and more these types videos.   Total Time: 30 minutes.

Transcription of video in Simple English

My dear sisters and brothers,

Come and learn to cook turiya ki sabji. First of all go to the market and buy 1/2 kgs turiya. Turiya should not very long or short. There should not seed in it. Now, cut some tomoto and onion. Now, we have to cut small the turiya and add some pure cow's milk oil. Now we have to keep cut onion and mixed oil  on heat of gas. Rotate it wisely. Now add turiya in it after 2 to 10 minutes heat to onion. Now add some water upto the level of cut piece of turiya and now give the heat of gas. After 15 to 20 minutes will take and your turiya will ready for eating with roti.

1. Wash green turiya. 2. Cut it small without cutting its cover. 3. Cut tomatoes 4. Add water in place where you will add tomatoes and no need to add oil. 5. Boil turiya. 5. Mix turiya nad tomato.

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