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Online Running Training - Video Tutorial

Online Running Training  : Fees : Rs. 2000

I have reasons behind the story of my success for running 2 hrs and 30 minutes non-stop.

1. I ran 2 hrs and 30 minutes because I have dream of running 2 hours.
2. I ran 2 hrs and 30 minutes because  I know its benefits.
3. I ran 2 hrs and 30 minutes because I am passionate about running
4.  I ran 2 hrs and 30 minutes because I want to happy all times.
5. I ran 2 hrs and 30 minutes because I am creator of situation of fresh air.
6. I ran 2 hrs and 30 minutes because I transform my life.

About Me & Contact for Training

I am Vinod Kumar ( Running Trainer). If you want to get training for running long stamina and boost confidence, please talk me at my mobile no. 9356234925, +91-9356234925 ( outside India) or email vinod@svtuition.org

Story for Running 2 Hours and 30 Minutes Non-Stop

This is really milestone in my life. I was dream to run 2 hours non-stop in my life after I running 1 one hour in Aug. 2014 just few days after my mother expired { you can saw in my youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpjJ3VoLFmQ ).

Before this, I ran 45 minutes after clearing my M.Com. Exams in 2004. So, it was my life long dream.

Before this, I won third position in running of 5 kms in last year of my B.Com in 2001.

Today, I was goal for running only for 2 hours for fulfilling my dream but my cameraman has motivated me to run more. So, I ran more half hour after running 2 hours non-stop. So, I am thankful to him.
In this running event, I saved also from bus accident. I was near to my Goal. and I was running on my side. But there was a bus who wanted to turn. Unfortunately, I was near running near turn. I was so dead tired. With God's help, I saw bus quickly and tried to run fast and saved from bus. I am also thankful that bus driver has also decreased the speed even after cloudy and deep winter environment.

Now, you can watch  live Full story of my 2 Hours and 30 Minutes running Non-Stop from this complete Video. With this, I covered 24 Kms. from Rajpura to Sirhind City.  All clips of my whole running was recorded by my cameraman. During the time of my running, I remembered God, my role models, my inspirational poem and motivational thoughts of my trainer and past motivational books quotes. All have given me power. So, I am thankful to them.

In end, I am thankful to all. From this life event, I learnt that without crossing tough goal, we can not achieve our dreams.

How Did I achieved this Goal

This was real big goal. For this, I have followed strict eating and life style habits. After getting registration in training class , I will explain you the simplest way to achieve this goal within one month. For this, you can call now at +91-9356234925 or email : vinod@svtuition.org

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