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How to Be Positive in Classroom to Focus on My Study?

Classroom negativity is main reason of failure of student. Many students which fails can easily gives the excuses that their all classmates are so negative and that is reason, he became negative and did not get success as student. Following tips will be helpful to make you all time positive in classroom if you will follow these tips

1st Tip : Stop Ego

Without ego, you can get negativity from anywhere. With ego, you have the dust in mind and it attracts dust from outside negativity.  For example,

Your friend says, he is more intelligent than you.

You say, no, I am. From this, you started to compare your intelligency with your student intelligency because ego is in your mind and ego is in your classmate's mind. Both ego fights each other and anger will come and talk will reach at the point of fight. So, best solution is stop ego by bringing politeness by saying.

I am nothing. I have nothing. Nothing is mine. What I have, is the blessing of God, my parents and my Guruji. If you are intelligent. Be happy with this. Simple solution. Speak to polite and give credit to your all supporters.

2nd Tip : Stop Connect with Negative Student

All students never be negative. You see all students negative because your mind is full of negativity. First of all disconnect with bad students which are addicted of drugs, smoking or any other things. Never talk or sit with them and then always focus to give support weak students in study. Listen what they have remembered. Help them to remember the concept. It will give you happiness and increase your self confidence as leader. Leadership and confidence are main element of positivity.

3rd Tip : Love with You All Classmates

Never bring hate with negative students.

First behave them with love.

If unable, focus on truth only. If any student has cheated with you or spoke lie. Never speak with him. He is bad quality of untruthfulness. Still love in your mind regarding him and pray of god for his improvement.

Love and truthfulness are both are the quality of positivity.

Watch following video for understanding above concept in detail

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