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How to Repair Inverter Battery at Home

If you want to repair inverter battery at home, you need to withdraw its all acid in a small container for safety of children and environment. Now, clean it by water and brush. Add new acid in it. Add some water in it. Give the supply of electricity in it for store.

Important Rules Must Remember :

 1.  Please as per expert ( Because he is not academic qualification )  language  acid here is not normal acid. It means battery water. Just go to inverter battery show and demand battery water which is different from normal water. 

2. Our expert has extra body harmons to absorb the battery water. Please do not use tongue to taste it.

3. Please protect your hands with rubber gloves and eyes with spectacles and goggles. It is necessary for your safety.

4. Add large normal water in battery water which you have withdraw from battery and keep it and slowly use it for clean your toilet. Three benefits, one is clean toilet. Second Save the money for buying extra Cleaner for Toilet. Third save the earth. Never add it in the earth or any where. Dump this way will help to neutralize it. I study, some neutralize with baking soda.

5. Keep always 10 times normal water near.

6. Every Expert Must have Gravity Tester and Hydrometer and he has knowledge to use them.

Disclaimer : This  video is just for information and knowledge by experts for general public. Please get personal training from our expert or your city's expert  before doing any practical. Contact us by comment below or  find your local expert in your city  for personal advice before doing any practical action. We will not be responsible for any losses and/or damages due to the usage of the information if you does it yourself.

In hindi

yh video sirf aam public ki  information va knowledge ke liye expert duvara bnaya gya hai. koyi bhi practical krne se pehle apne city ke expert se training le. Yh apke city ke expert ki advice ka substitute nhi hai. kirpya un se pehle personal advice le. Hm app ke kisi bhi parkar ke loss or damage ke liye jemevar nhi huge ydi app es ki jankari ko apne app practical krte ho va  bina apni city ke expert se apne app krte ho.

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