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Why do Eyes of Some Animals Shine in the Dark?

You saw shine only in the eyes of some animals in the darkness of night. Whether it is dog or cat or lion or horse or cattle.  Now, today scientific question why does eyes shine in the dark. There is very scientific logic behind this. Big chemistry is working behind this. You are knowing about crystal, it is just like diamond. From crystal, word is coming crystalline means when we see anything from our eyes, its copy goes to our brain where brain cells takes best decision regarding seen things. But there are some animals when got very small original light from any source, their eyes' crystalline layer reflect same light to opposite direction like mirror reflect the light to opposite direction. Due to this layer in their eyes, their eyes shine in the dark. This crystalline layer is created with crystal substance by God.

With this hunting animals helps to get their victim and victim animals helps to run. God is so kind and he gives unlimited kindness by making this crystalline layer to both victim and hunter animals for protecting and attacking in the darkness. This crystalline layer is situated back of ratina of eyes of same animals. 

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