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Learn Financial Freedom Step by Step

13 Habits of a Poor Person that will not Make You Rich

This big difference between a poor person and a rich person is of their habits. Rich person enjoys  all time cash to buy what they want. Poor do not such cash to give happiness to themselves and their family. Rich people got ability to invest big and got passive income without working but poor works hard upto death day of their life.

Many poor people tries to become rich but they do not focus to change their habits which equal same as poor people. Large no. of excuses cut the way of investing and saving of their hard earned money. So, not changing the habit, and achieving any goal is like not drive and reach destination which is not possible.

So, we are here, teaching the right path

Understand the 13 bad habits of poor and you have to daily positive actions not do or repeat such habit. 

Pin points

1. Not Write rich goals

2. Not write rich plans

3. Not write Money budget 

4. Not Action less spending

5. Not action to save money

6. Not action to invest money

7.  Not action to learn from failure

8. Take loan

9. Take Credit Card

10. Poor Speaking

11. Not Read

12. Not Write Time Budget

13 Not Take Care of Health

1st Habit of Poor : Not Write the Goal for Becoming Rich

Every poor person does not write the goal of becoming rich. They do not write the amount and deadline to achieve same amount for becoming rich person. They only think to earn enough today to survive family. That is Rs. 500 per 8 hr daily wage in India and in private sector job of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 per day.

So, if you want to become rich, you have to break this bad habit by changing new habit

that is to set the goal of becoming rich

For this write

1. Write The amount in your bank account or Net Worth

2. Write Date of Age, you will achieve this

3. Write the Time for achieving this goal = End time – current time

2nd Habit of Poor : Not Write Plan Becoming Rich

The poor person is so busy in working hard from morning 4 AM to night 10 pm and he does not have the time to becoming rich. In other words, he never develop the habit of making plan for becoming rich. Due to this, his mind gives him one bad habit of never make plan and eat, enjoy and sleep like a person who is spending time in Jail. This is not physical jail but poor person is living in financial jail and like slave does daily hard work for getting money but do not know money works for him if he makes the plan for this.

If you want to become rich, you have to make the habit to write your plan to become rich with following way

One Year Plan

May be 

1. It is my plan. I will save money in Bank and Post office Rs. 30,000 From jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022. Means per month saving Rs. 2500.

2. It is my plan. I will invest in Stock market Rs. 30,000 From jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022. Means per month saving Rs. 2500.

3. It is my plan. I will buy my first 10 Gram Gold from jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022.

4. It is my plan. I will invest increase to Rs. 1,00,000 my Mutual fund investment from jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022.

5. It is my plan. I will earn my first Rs. 500 from udemy course from jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022. Or Earn 1st Rs. 8000 or $ 100 from YouTube or earn Rs. 100 from first ebook sale from jan. 2022 to Dec. 2022

3rd Habit of Poor : Not Write the Monthly Family Budget for becoming Rich

Family budget helps to control your expenses which you will spend in next month. But poor do not know about this. So, they get following side effects

a) When they earn, they spend without control and spend more

b) Because they do not control future expenses, so, they will have zero saving for becoming rich.

Now, what is the solution. Just break this habit of poor person if you want to become rich by


a) the family budget at each end of month

b) Try to add all important expenses in it like food, milk, mobile charge, internet, repair and electricity bill on the basis of history of expenses

c) Short list if you see the expenses postpone

d) Give written commit, I will not spend more than this because I have set the goal of becoming rich in above 1st habit

4th Habit of Poor  : Not Spending Less than Earning

Poor does not live life under the control. It is their bad habit

1. They do not make daily account for tracking where is they spending, is it valuable and under budget.

2. spending more on the useless things

a) spending money on home tv led

b) Spending money on freeze

c) Buy heavy cost Water cooler and AC

d) Going everywhere with petrol vhicle

e) Eating outside

f) Buying new and new clothes

g) Buying new clothes

h) Never negotiate for getting discount

I) do not use day light and use more electricity in washing machine and electric juicer

5th Habit of Poor : Not Take Action to Save Money Per Month Regularly

If I meet any poor person and ask the one question, did you save non stop 10 years

he will say no because he does not have the habit. What does means, it means, it has the habit of not saving money regularly even it is small amount

So, if you want to becoming rich, you have to break this bad habit of poor with good habit of saving regularly because big saving gives big opportunity to invest in real estate market.

Today make Auto saving RD account

1. Auto saving rd account in bank

2. Auto saving rd account in Post office

3. Auto saving rd account in ATAL PENSION YOJNA

4. Auto saving rd account in LIC Policy premiums

5. Auto saving rd account in your home wallet

6. Auto Set up Auto save and invest in Digi Gold

6th Habit of Poor : Never Take Lesson from Failure and Mistakes

Sometime, poor people starts to invest in get rich fast schemes and they lost the money. But they never learn lesson from it. 

They again become failure

a) By repeating again to invest get rich fast schemes

b) By remembering this event and feeling sad and never take positive action

c) They never understood that failure is also part of learning. By failure, student can learn more fast and more better. 

7th Habit of Poor : Not Take Action to Invest Money Per Month Regularly

Poor people has habit not to invest regularly. They says, investment is risky. They have job or they earn hand to mouth if they will invest, it will face the lose. So, they whole life never invest money in real estate, stock, mutual funds, gold and his own business. So, they live poor due to this habit but rich always invest money as value investor. They make it as their habit. That is reason, there is real estate, gold, mf and lots good stock in their portfolio. 

If you want to make yourself as rich person, you have to break this bad habit and start regular invest in different field. Start to understand risky and risk and take small small risk for investment. 

8th Habit : Take Loan

Poor people buy everything on loan. They buy laptop on loan. They buy washing machine on loan. They buy bike and car on loan and they buy home on loan. So, if you want to become rich, break this bad habit to pay off all loan and promise, never take loan in future.

9th Habit : Use Credit card and pay later

Poor people have the habit to get credit card from bank. They feel that bank will not take interest if they take loan and pay before month. Due to this bad habit, they paid interest on credit card day by day and become poor. If you want to become rich, make rich habit to block all your credit card fastly. They buy big by paying later habit which capture them in debt trap.

10th Habit : Speaking like Poor

Poor people always speak like the poor person. With spending only 1 hr with them, you find same person is poor or rich.

a) They abuse in speaking.

b) They criticize in speaking.

c) They backbite in speaking

d) They Speak negative because their mind negative and their thoughts negative

e) Not clarity in their words. Like fast food, thier words are.

f) Speaking in Anger, hate, jealousy and greedy words

If you want to become rich, you have to improve your speaking. You have to speak like rich person.

a) Never abuse in speaking.

b) Never criticize in speaking.

c) Never backbite in speaking

d) Speak positive words

e) Bring clarity in their words. Like home food

f) Speaking in peaceful and calm, love, appreciation and satisfied words

11th Habit : Never Read and Learn Financial Education

Poor people never read the books, online contents and learn the financial education. They spend time in entertainment

if you want to become rich, you have to change this habit, daily you a have to read one hr for financial education books, online contents and learn more.

12th Habit : They do not Make the Budget of their time

Poor people never make the budget of time of next month, day and year what will the do. So, they never set priority to become rich. They do all useless work whole day, month and year and they become poor.

They spend time to watch tv, youtube and game playing

They spend time to take tension of future

They spend time to guilt past mistakes.

So, if you want to become rich, you have to make budget of your future time and use it for becoming rich for upgrading your income, saving and investment.

13th Habit : Never take care of their health

Poor people never take care their health. They eat outside old food and become unhealthy and paid for medicine. They never regular to do exercise. They are lazy. So, they become fatty and spend big fees for weight loss.

So, if you want to become rich, you have to make good health habits. Get up daily early in the morning and do exercise and eat fresh home food.


If you break above 12 bad habits, it is my guarantee, you will become rich. Every day, take small steps to do positive action for making these habits.


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Svtuition: 13 Habits of a Poor Person that will not Make You Rich
13 Habits of a Poor Person that will not Make You Rich
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