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List of Companies of India's 100 Richest People

 Today, we are happy to show you List of Companies of India's 100 Richest People 

  1. Reliance Company of  Mukesh Ambani 
  2. Adani Group of Companies of Gautam Adani 
  3. HCL Company of Shiv Nadar
  4. D-Mart Company of Radhakrishan Dhamani 
  5. Serum Company of Cyrus Poonawalla
  6. Aditya Steel Company of Laxmi Mittal 
  7. Jindal Group of Companies of Savitri Jindal
  8. Kotak Mahindra bank Company of Uday Kotak 
  9. Shapoorji Pallonji Group of Companies of Pallonji Mistry
  10. Aditya Birla Company of Kumar Birla
  11. Godrej Group of companies of Godrej Family
  12. Barti Group of Companies of Sunil Mittle
  13. Bajaj Group of Companies of Bajaj Family
  14. Sun pharamaceutical Company of Dilip Shanghvi
  15. Hinduja Group of Companies of Hinduja brothers 
  16. Dabur Company  of Burman Family
  17. Pidilite Industries Company of Madhukar Parekh
  18. Wipro Company of Azim Prem ji
  19. Divi's Lab Company of Murali Divi
  20. Shri Cement Company of Benu Gopal Bangur
  21. Berger pain Company of Kuldip Singh 
  22. Asian Paints Company of Ashwani dhani
  23. DLF Company of Kushal Pal Singh
  24. Havells Company of Vinod and Anil
  25. Torrent Pharmaceutical Company of Sunil and Samir Mehta 
  26. Asian Paints Company of Mahindra Choksi
  27. Intas Pharmaceutical Company of Husmuk Chudgar 
  28. Mucleods Pharamceutical Company of Girdhari Lal
  29. Muthoot Finance Company of Muthoot Family
  30. Marico Company of Harsh Mariwala 
  31. Asian Paints Company of Abhay Vakil
  32. Zydus Life Science Company 
  33. Indigo Company 
  34. Alkem Lab Company 
  35. Eicher Motor Company 
  36. Titan Company 
  37. Abbot Lab Company 
  38. Lulu Group Company 
  39. Jubiliant Bhatia Group Company 
  40. RJ Group Company 
  41. Murugappa Group Company 
  42.  Lodha Group
  43. USV India Company  
  44. Infosys Company of 1st partner
  45. Britannia Company 
  46. Nirma  Company 
  47. Byjus Company 
  48. Infosys Company of 2nd partner
  49. Samvardhana Motherson Group Company 
  50. Balkrishna Industry Company 
  51. Cipla Company 
  52. Infoedge india Company 
  53. Biocon Company 
  54. Hero Group Company 
  55. Zoho Software Company 
  56. PI Industry Company 
  57. Polycab India 
  58. Mankind pharam Company 
  59. SRF Company 
  60. Dalmia bharat group Company 
  61. Infosys Company  of 3rd partner 
  62. Landmark group Company 
  63. Vedanta Ltd Company 
  64. Astral Poly technik Company 
  65. K. Reheja Group Company 
  66. Force Motors Company 
  67. Bharat Forge Company 
  68. Hatsun Agro Products Company 
  69. Reddy lab Company 
  70. Wind inox air products Company 
  71. Sonalika Group Company 
  72. Parle G Company 
  73. TAFE Company 
  74. Ralaxo Footwear Company 
  75. Lupin Company 
  76. Oberoi Reality Company 
  77. Infosys Company of 4th  Partner
  78. Sun TV Network Company 
  79. Megha Engineering Ent. and infrastructure Company 
  80. RP Sanjiv Geonka Group Company 
  81. Endurance Technologies
  82. Exide Industries
  83. Pantajli Ayrved Company 
  84. Page industry Company 
  85. RPG Group Company 
  86. Zerodha Company 
  87. Dr. Lal path lab Company 
  88. Apollo hospital Company 
  89. RP Group Company 
  90. Aurobindo Pharma Company 
  91. Jitendra Virwani Company 
  92. Paytm Company 
  93. specialty chemical Company 
  94. Macro Lab Company 
  95. Infosys Company of 5th Partner 
  96. Aarti Group of Industries Company 
  97. Deepak Nitrate Company 
  98. Ibuprofen Company 
  99. Supreme Industry  Company 
  100. Alkyl Amines Chemical Company 
Now, for your help, we are dividing above company into Tech companies which used Internet for Success their business 

List of Tech Companies of India's Richest People 

  1. HCL Company 
  2. D-Mart Company 
  3. Wipro Company
  4. Infosys Company 
  5. Infoedge india Company 
  6. Zoho Software Company 
  7. Byjus Company 
  8. Paytm Company 
  9. Zerodha Company
  10. Reliance Company 
  11. Bharti Group of Companies 
Now, for your help, we are dividing above company into Finance companies which used Finance for Success their business 

List of Finance Companies of India's Richest People 

  1. Paytm Company 
  2. Zerodha Company
  3. Kotak Mahindra bank Company 
  4. Muthoot Finance Company 
Now, for your help, we are dividing above company into Medical companies which used Medical Area for Success their business 

List of Medical Companies of India's Richest People 

  1. Pantajli Ayrved Company 
  2. Dabur Company 
  3. Serum Company 
  4. Sun pharamaceutical Company 
  5. Divi's Lab Company 
  6. Torrent Pharmaceutical Company
  7. Mucleods Pharamceutical Company 
  8. Zydus Life Science Company
  9. Alkem Lab Company 
  10. Mankind pharma Company 
  11. Cipla Company 
  12. Reddy lab Company 
  13. Lupin Company 
  14. Dr. Lal path lab Company 
  15. Apollo hospital Company 
  16. Aurobindo Pharma Company 
  17. Ibuprofen Company 


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Svtuition: List of Companies of India's 100 Richest People
List of Companies of India's 100 Richest People
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