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Learn Financial Freedom Step by Step

If Money is a Person then How to Win Money



If you want to get money and if you want to grow money, you have to you have to make the good relationship with money. 


If Money is a Person 

You have to learn 

how will you behave when money is most intelligent and genius person. He has disciplined life. 

So, if you have to connect same person, you have to follow the rules of money person. 

Suppose, if you want to meet a great person, you have to request for his appointment. His time is very worthy and valuable. He is not free to meet everytime and every person. He has millions fans. He has to check which is genuine person for meeting with him. 

So, you learn to this person's life all rules and follow and you can make the good relationship with him. 

Learn his psychology. Learn his behaviour. 

Part 1 : Basic Method to Influence Money Person 

1st Rule of Money Person : He Does not Connect Greedy Person 

( It does not Grow with Greedy Person ) : Never Become Greedy

Greedy person is a person who gives more preference to collect the money in currency instead 

(I) His reputation 

(II) His freedom 

(III) His friends 

(IV) His family 

(V) Happiness and Peace 

Greedy person can gamble all these things for getting money. We See the Mahabharat, When Yudishter became greedy, he defeated his property, his wife, his brothers and himself in gambling game. If he will win, he will get everything, if he fail, he will become slave. 

So, he broke simple 1st rule of money

" money does not grow with greedy person"

So, he had to go to 13 years in forest. Even, he is able to become next king of Hastnapur. 

This is not single Story, Lot of rich people are involving to break this rule. 

Even, they become rich, they do not satisfy what they have. They are not thankful what they have 

They do not increase there ability to increase the wealth and money but they start to increase the money by using short cuts. They started to run more money and fastly achieve this money. For this, they started to play gambling. Gambling here does not mean just buying lottery ticket or bet but it includes all unethical and unlawful work like 

(1) Robbery 

(2) Theft 

(3) Stealing 

(4) Mislead 

(5) open the Secret Information for personal benefits like Inside Trading 

(6) Withdraw the Kidney during Surgery and Sell it

(7)  Become Broker of converting black money into white money 

(8) Sell the Country for Getting Bribe 

(9) Black marketing 

(10) Less Measure and getting 

(11) Even side effects of medicine, then, again produce it and sell it and recommend it to patients 

(12) Even side effects of surgery, then, again recommend for patient 

(13) Speak lie for personal gain 

(14) Cheating in anything 

(15) Fraud

(16)  Scam 

Now What is Solution to Grow the Money by Making Good Relationship with him


1. Grow your money by increasing your knowledge and decreasing your ignorance. Money does not demand to lose of your reputation. If you have increased your knowledge, it will both increase your knowledge and money. 

2. Set the goal for increasing your knowledge. With two things you can get knowledge. Read and listen and note and learn through practical experiment. 

3. Promise yourself never bet my reputation and freedom for getting money by doing unethical work. 

4. Greed has no end but satisfaction has end

2nd Rule of Money Person : Compounding is His Role Model 

He Connect a Person  who has patience : Invest and Forget for Impact of Compounding

If you want to make good relationship, you have to focus and learn who is his role model. Like, you can ask what is your interest. What do you like. Suppose, other person loves travelling and you also love travelling, it means, both has good chance of good relationship because has common interest. 

You have to make also compounding as your rule model. If you have to make compounding as your role model, you respect it like money person respects it. 

Compounding means to grow money by taking the help of compound interest or compound return. 

Compounding always teaches, I have ability to earn money on your earned interest on your invested capital.

Simple formula of amount after a time = Principal ( 1+rate of interest/100) ^time

There are 3 factors which grow your wealth 

1. you have  to invest your own money long period means 40 years. You can grow anywhere which brings money in your pocket.

2. You have to reinvest the interest or return from same investment. 100% surrender your return for same investment for 40 years. 

3. Never take same investment and its return for consumption. Never disturb his role model. Long time is most. Never be fearful and never be greedy. 

3rd Rule of Money Person : He Choose Only a  Person Who is Able 

Money is a person which choice a person who is able to accept his friendship. This person has given following conditions.

1. Money loves the person who takes the risk

2. Money loves the person who is hopeful

3. Money loves the person who has courage 

6. Money loves the person who has fear from God

7. Money loves the person who has the quality of humbleness 

8. Money loves the person who is thankful

4th Rule of Money Person : He Connects to a Person who has self Control : Save More Money 

Money is the person and like any good person it connects to the person who has self control. It means, a person who focus on what is in his control and not focus on what is not in his control. 

There are three main elements to grow the money

1. You can increase your income

2. You can increase your saving 

3. You can increase your return on investment 

first and third point has outside factors which is not in our control

for example

a) If customer will buy more our products, our income will increase. 

It means sales depends on customers 

So, we can not control our customers, yes, 

we can control on our-self. So, what ever we earn , we can save maximum

For example, 

we invest in share market, but we are not confirm that we will achieve highest return because there are lots of factors affects our return. 

we can control on our-self. So, what ever we return on our investment of share market , we can save maximum

(A) If a person has ego, he will save less

because a person of ego, he has to show his status and he spends lots money to show same status. humble person does not need such expenses. 

5th Rule of Money Person : He Connects to a Person who has to time to Talk with Him

Imagine, money is a physical body person. You want money, so, you want to win your heart. So, you are learning how to win a heart

You : I want to win your heart and make you as my friend

Money : Have you time to talk and listen me what I am speaking

You : No, I am doing the highest salary job. I am 24 hrs job. I do not have time to talk with you. I kept my salary in bank account. Even, I have no time to bring you all in my home

Money : That is reason, I do not want to connect with you. One day, you will retire and you did not use your bank balance for getting freedom from job. Even you start your business after retirement, you will get only lose. Because you did not connected with me. You have not time to use me and listen me

Real financial freedom is your control on time. Real financial freedom is freedom of your time. What can you do, you can do. Where you want to go, you go. 

You never listen

Money is good slave but bad master

If you will use me, you can slave me. But if you will run back of me, I will become your master and you will become whole life my slave and you never get real benefit of money is your time freedom

I left my job in 2006. In 2006, I decided, I will not do any job anywhere because I want to connect money person. I want to listen his talk. I want to use it and I want to get real freedom that is my time. 

Today, I spent 16 years without any job. What I have pay for its price

My friend of time. From 16 years, I am doing what I love.

Money is helping me to all my dreams. Because In 16 years, I have learnt to use it for paying the price of my freedom of time. 

I defined a simple definition what I need

Simple three times food. Some books. A laptop and bulb and internet connect. I am happy to earn through exchange of my knowledge. I love learn new things and share. I am happy, so, my stress level is zero. Even, if I am doing any job anywhere, I may have big bank balance but what benefits if I will in jail. I do not talk the money and what money real want

Money wants

1. Please use me to bring happy whole world

Money is speaking to me

2.  Never waste the time and energy to collect me by becoming money making machine. Learn to use me better. I am able enough. I make myself. Means, money makes money. You need not do any job or hard work labor. Your duty is to learn and share your knowledge in different platform. 

I have listened it because I speak less and listen more and I connected him and still, you may have more money but you did not connected. That is difference. 

6th Rule of Money Person : Ready to Pay My Price 

Money is a valuable person. He says, he connect with me and win me if you will pay price.

If you want to get the money, you have to pay its price. Never see it as penalty, see it as price for achieving money. 

It may be following 

1. Mistakes and lose of your money
2. Failure to get the money
3. Lose of Money due to wrong estimation

Both are the parts of life

Learn from mistakes and grow your money
Learn from failure and grow your money.
Learn from wrong estimation

7th Rule of Money Person : Never Like A person Who buy Useless Things with Money

Money does not like if you buy useless things to show your richness. Richness is from heart. Richness is bravery to help world to solve its different problem. 

If you the bad habit to buy such useless things, you are wasting money and you will not win the heart of money and one day. It will go from you.

For example, you need only one home for living but you are buying Rs. 10 home for living. Do you know its maintenance cost. 

You need only one car but you have bought 4 cars. Who will spend money for 4 cars. 

Like this, if you make the bad habit of buying all such things which is useless, one day, you will be  insolvent. 


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Svtuition: If Money is a Person then How to Win Money
If Money is a Person then How to Win Money
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