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Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar is my friend. He is Govt. teacher for primary classes. He did JBT course in 2000 and appointed as Punjab Govt. Teacher. From 2nd May 2002, he is working as teacher. He teaches 1st class to 5th class. He completed his graduation in 2004. He is also good spiritual speaker. He attended more than 100 educational seminars.

He is married and he has  one son. Reading books is his hobby. From 24th Dec. 2012, he has started to provide his educational service to Svtuition. For this, he is covering the topics of  Religious Study Course ( B.A. and M.A. classes). His way of teaching is very simple. I think, it will be helpful to you.

Vikram Kumar’s Online Teaching Profile

at Our Virtual School

 Classes Taken
1st Class to 5th Class, B.ED and Religious Study Course
450+ Online Students


Time of Teaching
( From 24th Dec. 2012 to 2nd Feb. 2013)

His Lectures on Religious Study Course

1. How to Pray of God for Children

2. How to Pray of God for a Dead Person 
3. How to Pray of God for Marriage
4. How to Pray of God before Bed
6. What should We Say at the End of Pray 
7. Listen the voice of God 

His Lectures for B.Ed

8. How to Teach 5th Grade Science 

His Lectures on Primary Class’s Maths

9. Addition Without Carrying 

10. Addition With Carrying 
11. Order Property of Addition 
12. Subtraction Without Borrowing
13. Word Problem of Addition
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