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How to Write FIR for Lost Mobile

Recently, I went to Haridwar with Indian train. In the way, my mobile of Nokia was of Rs. 10,000 cost lost. After bathing in Ganga in Haridwar, I found that my mobile was lost. I went to the police station for register the FIR for lost my mobile. Police of Haridwar has supported me to register my FIR. I am giving its sample, if you are facing to write.

What is FIR?

FIR is the first information  report. You have to give the written application for register the FIR, after this, police will take the action.

What is the Need of Registering the FIR of Lost Mobile?

Suppose, a person kills the person. Then he keeps my lost mobile near him. Now, all my friend's connection in it. Police will disturb me or will understand the connector of murder. At that time, I can not say a single word because my mobile was there. But thanks God, I have opportunity to show me innocence. Just go to police station after the one second of lost mobile and register FIR. Following is the sample of application.


The Incharge of Police,

Name of City.

Respected Officer,

During the travelling ( or what is your reason) from _________ to _________ with the rail ( or walk or bus or anything way), my mobile ___( Name of the company of your mobile) whose number ___ ( mention your number) has lost somewhere. It did not find after searching. If you have doubt on the person (mention the name and address) by writing. I think it has been taken someone who can misuse my number for abusing or other bad purpose. So, I want to stop the working of its no. ______________ . So, it is my request to register my FIR for lost my mobile.

Thanks and Regard

Write your signature

Write your address

Write your second mobile no.

Attach your I.D. Proof.

Make 3 Copies of this. Stamp of Police station and take the sign of police officer. One will be in the hand of police. One you will give your company.

In my case. Within 1/2, I got my lost mobile number by showing the my this verified application to my mobile company.

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  1. Thank You Very Much, its Really Helpful To me

  2. I have lodged a NCR for lost of my mobile phone
    Police didnot lodge a FIR for it
    What should i do??

  3. title v and education

    How to Write FIR for Lost Mobile | Svtuition or in web is a very good place! Thanks!

  4. Tnx for giving me the FIR formate .it's really helpful to me.


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