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5 Laws of Power

There main 5 Laws of Power. Understand these 5 laws of power in simple hindi language. Following is its list.

1. Work should be conducted by others and get its credit.

If you want to increase your power, you should not do all work by you. You should delegate your authorities. So, other will do work on the behalf of you. With this, you can reduce the consumption of your power. You will have to get its credit. This credit will increase your power.

If you will do all your work from bottom to top level, you will consume your all power. So, it is will be foolish idea. Understand the first law of power and follow it.

You can say, this is my team if you get success in your team work. I am leader of this team. Better is to keep trainee or employee. Fix their continue duties and you enjoy the success and power only.

2. Concentrate you on all your powers.

All powers are inside of your body. You just focus on it. Due to focusing on lots of other things, you forget main source. So, concentrate you on all your powers and you will get the power.
Richest person of forbes magazine is inside you.Great king is also in your body. Angel is also in your body. Every personality of the world is in your body. Whether you want to become doctor or engineer or CA, you can become anything, just focus on it and you can get the power for this. All great scientists had done same and they became.

You think only single point upto the period and in the end, you will get same power for same purpose. When you will target many events, you will be disturb your main target, so, you will only consume your power but you will not get the power.

3. Kill your enemy totally.

If you want to get the power, you have to follow the third law of power. For this, you have to kill your enemy. For example, laziness is your biggest enemy like a snake. If you do not kill it from its root. It will attack with more power and make you weak. Alway be alert. Use different ways to kill this enemy totally by bathing, or water on your face. Like this, there are lots of enemy, if all these enemy will join and kill you, you must kill them totally and get huge power of world.

4.Identify weak vein of a person.

You should also identify the weak vein of a person. Do you know the weak vein of any sheep. It is easy. Because you can easily know. Sheep do not fight. It believes in running. So, it is is weak vein if you want to capture sheep. But a person is not sheep, he or she has brain. He or she can also fight. But you are also intelligent. With your great brain, you can find the weak point of the same person. Now, capture this, person will be under your control. He or she will become your slave. Your power will increase fastly.

5. To act boldly.

90% peoples are not not boldly. They are not brave but they are the follower of a single brave person. So, you have to act like a brave person. People will follow you and you will get big power of these followers.

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